GainCraft Features

The GainCraft is a platform best designed for automated strategies or robots. It has a visual environment for creating, controlling your own robots, or using already existing ones by means of trading signals. The GainCraft provides existing strategies and indicators

Easy to use

No need to study programming languages, just drag needed logic and create your strategy in several minutes.

New Strategies

The GainCraft platform provides using its new unique strategies and library of strategies from Visual JForex as well.

New Indicators

The GainCraft platform provides using its new unique indicators and library of indicators from JForex API as well.

Visual Control of Strategies

The GainCraft has a visual environment, where it is possible to create and to control the strategy. Even if the strategy is running, user can freely watch how the algorithm or any variable value is working, and then, if necessary, he has the ability to make changes in the strategy. It is possible to use trade signals from great variaty of strategies.

Strategy Wizards

Except easy to use possibilities, We offer thematic strategy wizards, which enhance the possibilities of our clients.

Ergonomic User Interface

We provide the best solutions for user interface, which includes additional information what you need for working with our trading platform.

Want to test it or find out more?

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